Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kisses for Callie

So a very sad thing happened to some friends of mine from high school. Their youngest sister Callie was accidentally ran over by a car and is now continually fighting to get back to normal. There seems to be a lot of support and prayers for the family and Callie but I also felt I need to try my hardest to help. I've been praying for the family and I ask that all of you who read this consider doing so. She seems like a sweet little girl who doesn't deserve going through such a difficult trial. She's almost the same age as Payton and I could not imagine myself going through such a difficult thing. I would be freaking out! Her sister Ashley, who is one of the friends from school, is holding a raffle on her blog that will end tomorrow at midnight. Also there is additional ways to donate through her blog as well. I'm gonna try and see if I can get the link for the donations as well so you may be able to do it through our blog. From the West family to the Butlers we continue to hope that everything goes well and that Callie continues to get stronger and better. You all will be in our prayers. Here is the link to her blog.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Breast Cancer 3 day - 60 Mile Walk

My mom for the 2nd year has done the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. She had to raise at least $2,200.00, and do a lot of training walks to be prepared. She started Friday morning and she just got home tonight. We went to the closing ceremonies which were awesome, and I may consider doing it next year! They raised over 8.2 million dollars and there were 3,200 walkers, 400 volunteer helpers and 75 Breast Cancer Survivors. They all wear these crazy outfits and people hold signs that say "Knockout Knockers", "Yay 4 Boobies", "Save the Hooters" and I'm sure you get the point. It was funny, and my dad was embarrassed by all the "boob" talk.

The walk started at Bellevue Community College (across the street from the Temple) and then ended right next to the Space Needle at Memorial Stadium. They camped out every night at different parks, and had to sleep on the ground in tiny tents. It was amazing to see all these people, women and MEN (who had a team called the Breastie Boys), who walked so we can find a cure for Breast Cancer. Here are some pics of the happenings....

This was right when the walkers entered the Stadium! This went on for a good 30 minutes.

Big Girl Bed

Kalei is so nice and let me borrow her toddler bed for Payton, as Payton has been escaping out of her crib lately. I figured it was time! I put it together and Payton was SOO excited, she jumped right in it and said "night night". She absolutely loves it, which is AWESOME. Her first night was soo cute. I gave her kisses and left and I turned out the light. She watches a show before she goes to bed and so the light was right in her face, so she couldn't see me but I could definately see her. Right as the lights went out I had my head peeked in the room and she got the BIGGEST smile on her face, reached over and felt the ground, then lifted her hands up in the air and fell back and sighed LOUDLY. I was cracking up laughing. She loves bedtime.

Silver Lake

Kalei and I took the kids to Silver Lake Park on Friday night and had a picnic there. The kids played and then we had sandwiches. It was fun.....so fun that we caught the kids playing in charcoal from a barebque. Nice huh? Yea Payton looked like a homeless child when we got done she was just a complete mess. Here are some pics of our night!

Tyler liked to help push Payton!

They played on a lot more things, these were just the times I remembered to take pictures.

Mukilteo Beach and Harley Davidson

So since August was crappy weather we didn't get out to do a whole lot. Now that it is september it is deciding to warm up and more enjoyable to get outside. We took Payton to Mukilteo Beach Park, as it was brand new and she had never been there before. It was such a clear day that you could actually see the island super good. Anyways, here are some pictures from the park.

Okay so I know she totally looks like she was getting sick on this, but really I was putting her to sleep. It was funny!

I also made a trip to see Angela on her day off. Her and her husband just bought a Harely not that long ago and Jeremiah of course had to sit her on it. I just wish she was actually looking at the camera.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chicken Pox?

Payton woke up the other day with these spots all over her. They looked really weird, kind of like misquito bites, some where huge and some were pretty small. It got me super worried because she had the vaccine for chicken pox, but there is still a chance you can get them. I called the dr. and they told me to bring her in right away and told me to tell the receptionist to take us to a back room.

So it turned out not being anything but a viral rash that could have been either from her nasty cold she had, or a reaction to her antibiotics, either way I have never heard of it coming on so late after being sick. But we were relieved as we didn't have to keep her away from everyone! They started disappearing pretty much the next day and look like bruises on her now. Weird! I didn't get any pictures because most of them were around her diaper area, and as modest as she is she wouldn't keep her pants down long enough :)!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TV Obessions

I know this is completely random but just thought I would see if I was really all that weird....

I am completely obsessed over these 2 shows and one of them just premiered last night. Am I really just stuck in high school and enjoy other people's drama, or am I normal and people have the same obsessions. Monday and Tuesday nights have become my favorite...here's why!

The Hills: I don't need to say much about this show! I get annoyed with people telling me how fake it is..blah blah blah! It is reality T.V. So pretty much you either love it or hate it! I happen to plan my life around it! HAHA! Not really....

The New 90210: Now I liked the orignal one but this was an amazing first episode and I recommend that if you missed it you need to figure out a way to watch it.

Mike even watched this one with me and said I will "pretend" I am interested. He was completey concentrated on it. Either he is a good actor, or he has the same weakness as I do! He even put down his computer to watch it!

It's been a long 3 weeks.....

So I haven't updated since we got home from Hawaii! I have been super busy juggling my time between Mike and Payton, and trying to get over my bronchitis and getting rid of Payton's ear infections. It hasn't been easy and I have felt more worn out than I think I ever have in my entire life (seriously). So now that Payton is over her ear infections and her waking up several times in the night I feel a little more myself. Mike had his foot surgery on August 19th. We had to be in Seattle at 6:00am that morning at Swedish Hospital. Mike was supposed to go into surgery around 7:30am. Everything was going very well, but Mike was scared out of his mind. Who could blame him though, if you don't really know what to expect? So 7 hours passed (yes 7) of me waiting in the hospital for my beeper to go off letting me know he is waking up. So all in all the surgery went well and the Dr. didn't have to cut his heel bone which was good news because it will be a faster recovery. We didn't get home that night until about 7pm. It was such a long day, but good thing Mike wasn't having much pain and really hasn't since his surgery. He is healing very well with hardly any swelling and may be able to get his cast off in about 2 weeks, and return to work (if Boeing doesn't strike, cross your fingers...we are poor). So with that being said I have been in search for a job for quite a while now, and am coming up with nothing. The Real Estate Market is disappearing and so my job has been doing the same. So if anyone knows of anything, please throw it my way!! So that has been our lives for the past 3 weeks...exciting....we know!!! I have taken pictures of Mike's foot, so if you get sick please don't keep scrolling down! It doesn't look all that bad though!

Mike the morning of his surgery right before we walked out the door! He looks thrilled!!

This was just taken yesterday before his 3 week appt.

The stitches were ready to come out! This is the first time I saw it!

And of course here is Payton. She loves to dress up and take her purse and her baby and say bye bye. The hat is a new accessory for her! As you can see she is feeling MUCH better!