Monday, October 27, 2008

Boeing Update

WOO HOO! We have some hopeful news for Mike to get back to work. We got an update today that they have come up with a contract that the union members will be voting on in the next 4-5 days which means Mike can probably be working next week. If anyone cares to read about it you can go to and click on the link.

Payton's 2 Year Old Pictures

I got these taken at the end of August, and was going to get others for her birthday but decided that we might just do family ones for Christmas. She looks so grown up. I will mail each one of the poses to whoever wants them. So please reply with your addresses, and I promise I will put them someplace so I don't have to keep asking.

Halloween Party

We went to a Ward Halloween Party on Saturday. They had a chili/soup cookoff and then a carnival for the kids. I didn't take my camera but my mom had hers and this was the picture she got of the girls. Payton is a poodle, Lauren is Tinkerbell, Kaitlyn is a clown and Sam is Sharpae from High School Musical. So cute!

Pumpkin Patch

We have made it kind of a tradition that we go to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. There was a really nice one in Snohomish that is called "The Farm" and it's huge. They have a washington state corn maze, petting zoo, fishing, pumpkin patch (of course), hay rides, a bakery and a ton of other fun family things to do.

Payton checking out the sheep, while eating her carmel apple.

On the Hay Ride

Holding and petting a kitten

My Niece Emma, 4 months old

HUGE pumpkin!

Boeing Strike

Mike went and picketed for the first time when we got home from AZ. He wasn't too thrilled as he had the 8:00 pm to midnight shift. My mom, Payton and I decided to drive by where he was and honk loudly and wave, and take pictures.
It's a little dark but it still cracks me up when I see this.

More pictures from our AZ trip!

I posted just a few others on the previous post, but it kept being reallying annoying and so I decided to post these right here. Most of these are just pictures from our ride home. We went through Lake Powell, it was really pretty.
I didn't get my camera out early enough this was just a little bit of the lake! It was so pretty coming down to it though!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arizona Trip and Payton's 2nd Birthday

So we finally were able to take a long awaited trip to AZ. We were super excited to see family that we haven't seen in years, and thanks to them they made it financially possible! With Mike on Strike, and Payton's birthday it was more than a perfect time to get there.

We left Thursday, Oct 2nd and arrived Friday night Oct 3rd. We drove through the night to make it not so painful for Payton to sit for 24-25 hours. She did pretty darn good, as we kept her mouth full with food, her dvd player on, and lots of milk, toys, and rest stops for her to run around at. We first went to Gilbert for a few days to spend the time with Dean, Kelley and Dillon. We all had a good time as they were more than generous while we stayed there. We were well taken care of and we couldn't have asked for anything more. Payton had so much fun with them and not to mention how spoiled she got.

We then headed up to Show Low on Wednesday and went and picked up Suzanne (Mike's sister) in Thatcher at school to take her with us. It was nice to see her again and have all of us catch up. Payton and her got along great, and had fun playing. What a great aunt she is!

We got to Show Low around dinner time and arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandpa had steaks on the grill and we ate right away. It was yummy too!! Teanna, Peg, Aliesha and Luke along with Mel all came over as well. It was so great to be with everyone. It felt as if we had never left, and we were just carrying on as normal. Payton enjoyed all of the attention she got. She was the center of attention for most of the trip.

Since we were in Show Low for Payton's 2nd Birthday we threw her a little party. Dean, Kelley, Dillon and one of his friends came up for her special day. We had pizza (Payton's favorite) and an ice cream princess cake. She had a good day and enjoyed opening up her presents. She got a HUGE dollhouse that Grandpa made for her, a princess bike with training wheels, dolls, puzzles, books, a stroller, a shopping cart, and some clothes. Thanks to everyone who pitched in as they knew it would be funny to watch us haul it all home. We did get it all home safely though and we thank EVERYONE who came and celebrated her birthday with us. It means a lot to us and we know Payton had a wonderful day.

It was hard to say goodbye to everyone as we wish we were closer. We headed back to Seattle on Monday morning the 13th. We again drove straight through. Payton did well on the way home too. And we were so blessed we got home safely.

So that was a trip in a nutshell. I have a few pics that we took while we we re there. Enjoy!!!!

Payton, Poopa and Nana! I thought I got a picture with Dean and his eyes open. He is not flash friendly :)!

Gangster Nana and her grill! She really had one!!!

Great Grandma Toni playing catch with Payton.

Aunt Suzanne and Payton!

Eating ice cream at DQ in Show Low

on the porch swing

Uncle Mel

Gran Poopa! ( Great Grandpa)

Singing Happy Birthday to her

Eatin pizza with Poopa and Nana

Opening presents

In Aunt Suzies apartment

Sleepover with the cousins

So I know I haven't posted any pictures or anything of our family for quite a few weeks. I have been busy! I will just get you caught up here.

Payton had her first sleepover with some of her cousins. We tried letting her sleep on the air mattress downstairs but that lasted a good 5 minutes. Here are a few pictures of my mom reading all of them a story before they went to sleep. Payton loves her cousins, they keep her entertained for hours.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Payton!

I'm sure Kari will have somethings to post but I myself as Payton's daddy wanted to post something as well. Today is Payton's second birthday. How amazing is it to have Payton in my life. I show a lot of selfishness in my life but I do try my hardest to give as much as I can to my daughter who has such an amazing spirit. She is so loving, sweet, beautiful, smart, funny, energetic, and on and on. I could go on all day about how great my daughter is but I feel it and thats one thing that can't be taken away. I want her life to be the best and I hope that she can enjoy today and her party tomorrow as a great point in her life. Happy Birthday sweetie!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Arizona Trip

Just an FYI to everyone. Kari, Payton, and I have taken a trip to visit family in Arizona. We left Washington on Thursday October 2nd at about 11pm and we arrived in Gilbert where my dad and step mom live at 1 am October 4th. We'll be spending a few days down here in the valley until Wednesday the 8th and then we'll be heading up to Show Low that day and leaving there for home on Sunday the 12th. So anyone in the valley or in the mountains who would like to see Payton or I (I'm not that important) we'll be around. Updates and pictures will be up in the coming week or so. We'll be having a birthday party for Payton too since it's her birthday on Friday the 10th. So get a hold of us if you're around.