Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting my attention

So I guess Payton has been getting jealous that I am constantly either feeding Madyson, holding her and just in general taking care of her. She has seemed to be making me laugh more and more by the things she does to get me to pay more attention, and I guess it's been working. A few examples...

I was sitting on the couch feeding Madyson, Payton walked up to me and asked if she could play salon. I of course said "yes". She had some "FAKE" scissors in her hand and a brush and like a little plastic blow dryer. She is cutting and combing away and about 5 minutes into it, I look at my shoulder and see hair that is no longer attached. I of course FREAK out. These were plastic scissors and I could not for the life of me figure it out, and still don't know how it happened. Payton just sat that there and told me "you look beautiful". To make a short story short, I had to do a lot of blending and evening up of the sides. It looks fine now....whew!!!

Payton makes HUGE messes in her room and she isn't allowed to have any kind of food in there, although I find smuggled hot dogs, GUM, cheese, fruit snacks and chips in her room daily. I walked into her and find pringles smashed in the carpet and her room looking like a tornado ripped through. I asked her to clean it, and come back to find her passed out in bed 5 minutes later. Here is the picture and her little head sticking out from under the covers.

The other day I went in the bathroom to wash my hands and couldn't find the purple towel that we use to dry off our hands. I asked Payton if she knew where it was. This was her response...

"It's in the toilet and I didn't put there so mom don't be mad" Ummm...what?

She then admitted to Mike that night that yes she did put it in the toilet. I'm still trying to figure out of she tried flushing it down because the toilet has not been acting itself lately.

She has been saying the funniest stuff lately too. I ask her to try and use the potty and she says "mom you got to be patient". So I have been throwing it back at her and when she asks for something and instead of her throwing a fit if I don't do it right when she wants it I ask her to be patient. She just laughs, much better than a tantrum.

We were at the store the other day and Madyson starts crying and REALLY loudly in line Payton says "she is really really hungry and needs to eat your booby". EVERYONE laughed, even the people in the next line over. I was almost crying it was too funny!

It's too late now so I should probably go get some sleep before Madyson wakes up. Sorry there are soo many updates. I will try and do monthly ones, if not weekly.


The Easter bunny decided to stop by our house this year and brought way too much candy. I have eaten a lot of it. Next year the Easter Bunny will most likely be bringing veggies and bottled water.

Payton loves holidays, but seems to think that Santa comes during each holiday as well. I have been trying to explain to her these things, but I don't think she believes me. She asks if I'm "really totally kidding". She definitely makes me laugh.

We got the girls matching Easter dresses but Mike didn't do so hot on the picture taking skills, so I will have to RE-DRESS them up and recapture the moment. So right now is what you get.

just some random pictures

Madyson is 1 month old here and looks IDENTICAL to Payton. I will try and find a good picture to do a side by side. It so crazy!

Madyson and Hailee...linking arms! Too cute

Madyson 2 days old

Home from the hospital and family arrivals

We got home from the hospital on the March 10th. It just happened to be the day that Sherry and Jimmy were flying in. We hadn't seen Sherry (mike's mom) in almost 4 1/2 years and had never met Jimmy, and it was Payton's first time meeting both. It was great to have them here and visit. They kept Payton busy and I think the transition for her and having a baby in the house easier. Suzie (mike's sister) was also able to fly in. It was fun catching up with everyone.

Mike took them to Seattle and a few of the "fun" places people like to go when they visit here.

I seem to be the picture taker in the family because Mike never seems to take pictures of anything, so there aren't many pictures of their visit except the ones I stole from Sherry.

Madyson and I

Sherry and Madyson

Payton and Sherry making cookies

Suzie and Payton brushin'

Suzie and Madyson

Payton playing at the park

Mike and I at Red Robin

Payton and Suzie loved making faces at eachother

Big sister kisses


Payton and her "build a bear" that Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Jimmy help her make. It's name is "Princess". Madyson also had one made, but I can't find the picture :(

Mike and Payton at the Seattle Center

At the park swinging. It was FREEZING

Grandpa Jimmy and the girls

Daddy and his girls

Madyson Ashlee West: March 9th 2010

After all the holidays I had increased my hours at school by about 20 hours. I was putting in a lot of time and trying to stay healthy too. I wasn't able to ever feel good especially with being on my feet 10+ hours a day wasn't helping me out. I took a leave on Febuary 12th as I couldn't handle much more and my back was killing me. My dr. also told me that she was probably going to arrive a lot sooner than expected and to be ready.

I didn't do a whole lot waiting for her to come. Mostly organizing, laying down, cleaning, laying down and picking up the last few things we needed before I went into labor.


I had a dr. appt on March 8th at 4:00pm. Mike and Payton both came with me. (Mike took a leave from work because I was starting to have signs of pre-eclampsia the previous week). My dr. told me that he can "push" things along, and kinda laughed, as he examined me. I thought to myself...yes please, lets just have the baby right here. But just shook it off. We headed to Target to pick up a few things after my appt. We were there maybe 20 minutes, and it started to become really uncomfortable to walk, and I was having contractions. I had been having contractions for weeks, just nothing that would last long enough to be in "true labor". So I really didn't think anything of it. We finished our shopping and I went home and tried to lay down to rest. The contractions didn't go away and I couldn't make myself comfy. I went out to the living room to sit in the recliner and rock, it seemed to help before take away some of the pressure. 1 1/2 hours later I started timing them and they were about 3 minutes apart and last a good 45 seconds - 1 minute. This lasted for another hour. HOORAY! I was in labor!

Alyssa came over and got Payton and took her to my parents, and Mike took me to the hospital. They had me walk around to try and make my water break (which was NO success, just painful). My cervix kept dialating so they FINALLY admitted me into the hospital at like 10:30ish pm. I got my epiderhal at about midnight and felt comfortable and was starting to relax. I was dialted to about a 6 when I got it. I called my nurse in at about 3:00am as I was starting to feel pressure. She checked me and I was fully dialted and thinned, but my water still had not broke. We called my mom and told her to hurry and get here as I was going to have a baby as soon as they broke my water. Alyssa and my mom finally got there about 3:40 and I only had to push for about 9 minutes and she was born at 3:52am. She is healthy and perfect.

We don't have a lot of pictures because Mike was video recording mostly.

This was taken about 3 weeks before I went into labor

Madyson and my niece Hailee. They are only 2 months apart.

and my backtracking continues..sorry!

We try to go to Seattle every Christmas Eve and we were actually able to make it there since there weren't inches of snow on the ground. We went to Seattle Center and rode the monorail over to Westlake Center, did a little shopping, Rode on the carousal (sp?) and then walked down to Pikes Place Market.
Santa came and surprised Payton with a table and chairs along with a new doll and a highchair. Alls I can remember her saying was "oh my gosh". Kinda funny! He also left her a letter asking her to go potty on the potty chair...still NOTHIN

We then headed to my parents house for the day to open gifts and spend time with family.

At my mom's work, she has a yearly Christmas party with all the kids.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's about time!!

It's been FOREVER so I will pick up with where I left off....


Payton LOVED going trick or treating. Probably her favorite holiday other than Christmas. She loves candy and anything that involves getting it. This year she was Dorothy. She has obsessed with the Wizard of Oz for awhile so it was only fitting. She even reminded me that she has to have red slippers.

So Halloween landed on a saturday and I ended up having school the whole day and Mike had to work. So Payton went to my parents and my sister watched her and got her ready for the trick or treating festivities. I got home from school to wait for Mike to get home from work so we could run to my parents and take Payton out around their neighborhood. Mike walks out of the bedroom with a HUGE Wheaties costume. I died laughing, because I totally didn't think that he would even decide to dress up. I was dressed as a Tiger or I guess a stripped cat..haha. I got to dress up at school and didn't go to the extremes as Mike.

Her cousins ended up dressing like the Wizard of Oz characters too. I had no idea!