Monday, December 14, 2009

It's been awhile....

So I haven't been awesome at keeping up with this. My days seem to be getting shorter and my list of things seems to be getting longer. All and all we have been doing pretty good here.

Payton had her 3rd birthday on October 10th. She seems to be getting more attitude as the days pass. She is pretty darn stubborn, and doesn't like to be told what to do unless there is candy, ice cream, or some kind of treat involved. She is still struggling with potty training. She sits on the potty now, (huge improvement) but she hasn't finished the deed yet. I am constantly reminding her that she is a big girl, and I have taken things away that she doesn't get until she goes potty, but it hasn't seemed to phase her yet. It is a daily struggle. Hopefully one of these days it will just click and she will be all about it. She is excited about having a baby sister, and tells me that she also has a baby sister in her tummy and that I need to be careful with it when we are playing. She seems to think she is the boss around here and tries to tell everyone what they should or shouldn't do. I said the word "shut up" the other day and she told me that wasn't nice and wanted me to go to time out and say I was sorry. For halloween she was Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ. She was originally going to be Snow White, but her mind was quickly changed after watching the movie at grandma's. She is getting excited for Christmas and opening presents. She asks everyday if its time yet. She went to a Christmas party at my mom's work that was just for kids and Santa showed up. Payton apparently sprinted towards him and gave him a huge hug, and was super excited to sit on his lap.

Mike is still keeping busy working and doing online classes. He is doing some general studies through Grand Canyon University. It's nice because Boeing pays 100% of the tuition including books, so he is trying to get in as much as possible. We don't see much of eachother, mostly just on the weekends, but usually that is just running errands and doing stuff with the family.

I am still in school and no longer work for Starbucks. It was wearing me out trying to juggle everything I have going. The day after Payton's birthday Mike and I both got sick with the Swine Flu. I was hospitalized for a few days and ended up losing a ton of weight. I weigh less now then when I got pregnant. It is gradually coming back but not a whole lot. Big improvement from when I was pregnant with Payton. This pregnancy seems to be keeping my immune system in the gutter, I catch anything that is going around and seem to be not feeling so well most of the day. I am almost done with school and hope to be done with my hours the first week in March. The baby is due March 16th, so lets just pray that it all works out :)! If you haven't heard yet we are having another girl. We are planning on naming her Madyson. We are excited and can't wait to see what she looks like.

Well I know that was a lot of updating but I have a few pictures that I am going to try and upload tonight as well. Enjoy!

Birthday present from Grandma Wade. A princess blanket.

Pumkin patch: Hay Ride with the cousins

Photoshoot at 11:30 at night. I can't really explain this picture.

Paytons attempt at taking our picture.

Pumpkin Patch

Mike and I, I had just gotten out of school and came home to a Wheaties costume Mike had got for himself. haha

All of her cousins who she went trick or treating with around the neighborhood. They all happened to be characters from the Wizard of OZ as well.

Grandma reading christmas stories to Payton to try and keep on her on the toilet as long as possible. Still NOTHIN!

My mom's Christmas party at her work

Our Christmas Tree

More Christmas party

Me on Halloween

We took Payton to Disney on Ice. She loved it!

Before the show the kids were able to see the Princess', and when we got there it just so happened to be Cinderella. She was freaking out, and blew her kisses and was waving and loved it when Cinderella blew her kisses back. She was on cloud 9.

This was princess Tiana, the newest Princess from the Princess and the Frog. She had no clue or did anyone else know who it was.

Dorothy, she has to wear this outfit everytime she watches the Wizard of OZ.