Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nothing new...

We are all doing the same ol' things. Nothing really is new. Payton keeps getting HUGE and constantly talks. The only time she stops is when she is mad at me or is sleeping. She loves to sing and dance, and pose for pictures. She loves to brush my hair and wants me to take pictures of her as she is doing it. She says things that make me us laugh all the time.

Mike is still at Boeing working a lot of OT, so we really only get to see eachother Sundays and Monday mornings. He is keeping busy.

I am still working at Starbucks about 10-15 hours a week and going to school Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are so blessed to have family and friends help us out with Payton as we are trying to do all these things.

Payton and I playing with the webcam.

instead of coloring on paper, it ended up in her lap.

Chuck E. Cheese for Ryleigh and Tyler's 4th Birthday Party

I colored Mike's hair. I will try and get a picture of it all done.

Payton at her best! :)

Pictures of our Apartment

So I finally took pictures of our place. I don't know if anyone cares to see them, but I thought I would put them up anyways. Payton wanted to be in all of them so her head might be in some.

Living Room

Dining Room


Payton's Bathroom

Payton's Bedroom

Our Bedroom/bathroom


I know I am getting worse and worse at this. But at least I update it sometimes right?
Our Easter was pretty relaxing although we had a lot going on. We went to church to my parents ward, and then went to their house for dinner. We had a good time. Payton enjoyed Easter as she ran around the house looking for Easter eggs, and coloring them and eating a ton of candy. She didn't get much candy and she seems to really be in the Peep's or as she calls them "pee pee's". Haha Here are some pictures from the day.

Coloring Easter Eggs!

Easter Morning, looking through her Easter Basket

She posed for all of these pictures. We laughed so hard. She was taking the situation very seriously!