Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well I felt impressed to write and wish my most loving and darling wife a very happy anniversary. Since being layed up from having surgery a week ago we aren't really able to do anything to celebrate and I haven't really been able to plan for anything. So I thought the best way I could make her feel loved and appreciated and wish her the best for our third anniversary is to let everyone know how I feel about her.
I love it when... - you do all you can to make sure everything feels as right as can be.
The cutest thing you do is... - when you pretend you are super sexy but act like you are not even though I totally think you are.
The thing I regret most is.... - taking for granted the time we had together after we were first married.
You make me mad when... - you don't think very highly of yourself when I think you are the greatest and there is nothing wrong with you.
The best memory I have of us is... - the time we spent together making our first trip from Seattle to Arizona.
I love that little thing you do when... - you sing songs you really like so sweetly yet softly.
I cant stand it when you... - again think that you are not attractive or good looking when I know that you are.
If I could want anything for you it would be... - that you realize you are attractive and that you deserve the best in the world of anything.
I remember the day when... - we first saw each other and couldn't wait to be close.
The day we first kissed... - was the day I felt I found someone who really loved me.
When we first met... - I thought I was being messed with and you weren't serious about what you thought about me.
When we first touched... - I felt the most amazing sensation and feeling of happiness I had never felt before.
Your best physical feature is... - your face. Everything about your glow and how you do your make up makes you look so gorgious. Even without makeup you look so cute.
When you get mad... - you say a lot of things to be hurtful even though you don't mean them.
Even though we may argue at times... - I know we love each other and wouldn't want anything to happen to split up our family.
I love you even when... - try and be so antaganistic and annoying.
You turn me on when... - you're just out of the shower and have just finished your hair and makeup and have the amazing glow on your body.
I do appologize for that time when... - well it should be for the times when I don't think about what I'm saying and act really rude.
You should stay with me because... - I haven't felt such feelings for anyone before and I think we work so well together when we aren't fighting.
A song that reminds me of us is... - God Bless The Broken Road because it was our wedding song and it truly says I feel we came together.
Something that I've never told you is... - I would think that I usually tell you everything.
What I love about you the most is... - You are so easy going and feel that things shouldn't be such a big deal and we should just be happy as much as possible.
Three words thats describe you are... - Brave, loyal, and trustworthy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kauai, HI

We left on August 5th and got home late last night August 12th. Hawaii was so beautiful and a lot of fun. We did a ton of sightseeing and going to different beaches. We snorkled and saw sea turtles and a lot of bright colorful tropical fish. We drove as far as you can around the entire island, to check out all the amazing sights. We saw where they filmed South Pacific (I personally have no idea what movie this is but it was important to Audrey, she even started singin and dancing at the scene). We saw a ton of waterfalls, roosters and chickens, beaches and drove up into a huge Canyon that took about 40 minutes to get to. We ate some amazing food while we were there and gained a few pounds. We attended Jared's wedding (my brother) on August 8th, 2008 on the beach of the Kauai Marriot Resort. We bought some cool souveniers and plan to go back ASAP :)! We took a lot of pictures so here they are!
On the Airplane ride there! We got lucky and has an extra seat for Payton. It was a lifesaver.You can kind of see the Island right under the wing.

First day on the beach and Payton Loved the sand.

This is called the Spouting Horn.

My mom in her snorkel gear. HAHA

We went to a Luau that was really cool and we had some AMAZING food.

There was a rainbow that showed up when we were at the Luau

All of us except Jen at the Luau. Waiting for the show to start

Jared got brought up on stage to dance with the girls. He was sooo embarrassed.

Work it Jared.