Saturday, April 26, 2008

Woodland Park Zoo

It was such a nice day today and since Mike didn't have to work we decided we would go to the zoo. Payton didn't really know what to think, but she did kind of get scared a little bit with some of the animals. It was a fun day and we all had a good time.Mike was trying to show Payton a monkey that was in the trees. It was so cute! She was actually interested and was looking for the little guy and got excited when she actually was able to see him.

These guys were huge and fun to watch. All of a sudden they got up really quick and walked out of the little den area they were in. I thought it was a good picture.

So Payton is obsessed with this doll. So the baby had to come with us too. A few times a gave some people a little scare. She had dropped it and here I am rolling it over with the stroller and people around are getting freaked out saying "YOUR BABY" if it were real! It gave us a few laughs!

So cute isn't it? Payton was trying to sprint and almost biffed it a few times. She just started this hand holding business. I think it is adorable.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift

So Mike and I finally got to go out for a few hours and have fun. On April 5th we went to the Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift Concert in Tacoma. We had a blast. We went to Red Lobster before because Mike had never eaten there. He got steak and lobster tail which was yummy. We got to the concert and I really have never seen so many guys at this kind of concert before. We went last year and Mike loved it as he was surrounded by woman :). But this year was different I'm not sure if it was because Taylor Swift was opening or what but I was shocked. These guys are amazing and Taylor was a lot of fun to watch. She is a country girl that likes to rock. If you aren't a fan go to one of their concerts and I can almost guarantee you will leave a happy camper.

Bath Time

Payton loves her baths. The other day Mike gave her a bath and was in there for a good 45 minutes. Usually when she starts getting cranky and won't lay down for a nap right away, I will give her a bath and take my laptop and sit there with her. It is kind of a nice thing for me to relax and get some work done without her running around everywhere getting into trouble.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Something New

So I have never really "blogged" before, but I figured that it would be kind of a fun way to keep people in the loop on our EXCITING lives. Here is a summary of all that is happening these days. I will post some pictures soon and get more on here. Enjoy!!

Mike - He is still working at Boeing and is working 10 hour days along with weekends. He is a machanic on the 777 doing wing structures. He has finished 3 classes through the University of Pheonix, to obtain a degree in IT, but has always had his heart set on being an Athletic Trainer and so he is looking into taking some classes through the Distant Learning Program that BYU offers. He has been suffering from major pain in his foot ever since we have lived here. He has been to the Dr. and they advised that due to being flat footed this has occured. In order to fix the problem they will have to perform a major surgery to fuse bones together and make it comfortable to walk again. We don't know exactly when this will happen but hopefully within the next year.

Payton - She is now 18 months old and is growing up so fast. She has a pretty big temper when she doesn't get her way. But is now realizing that timeout is not a fun place to be. She loves dogs and babies. She has made a few boys at church a little angry because she thinks all kids are babies. So she will point and say "baby" and usually it is only to boys around the age of 4ish. They then turn to their parents and almost start crying. I think it is pretty funny but the parents probably wish I were dead. Payton says a lot of words these days such as bye bye, mommy, papa, doggy, happy, hi, and yes. She knows a lot of sign language too like please, thank-you, milk, and finished. She loves to watch TV and her favorite things to watch are Elmo and a show called The Backyardigans. She likes going for walks and going to the park so hopefully this summer will be nice.

Me - I am now working at home doing loan processing. My friend from Austin, TX owns the business and so I process the loans with her. I love it and wish I had started with her a long time ago. I am also doing a certificate program for Medical Claims and Billing. I just to have to do my final and I will be finished. So I'm really excited as it gives me income when the Real Estate Market is down. I also get to stay home with Payton and I get to see Mike a whole lot more. Ever since I got pregnant with Payton I have had a lot of ear problems. I finally went back to the specialists this week and found out that I have to have surgery to correct it. They will be putting tubes in my ears for the 4th time and doing a biospy on a growth that they have found. They will also be correcting my deviated septum. I am having it all done on May 14th. I'm excited to hear again but nervous for the surgery itself.