Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ice Caves

We had plans on Monday, the day after Mother's Day to hike up to the Ice Caves. It was supposed to rain so we made other plans to go bowling, and go out for pizza. I really didn't want to get up at the crack of dawn, wake up Payton and go hike up a Mountain with a crazy grumpy 3 year old..just potty trained and won't pee ANYWHERE else but a little potty, an infant in a stroller and 1500 (ok 8) other children under the ages of 10, in the cold, and mud to look at ice. Apparently I was a party pooper.
So I get a call Wednesday late morning. It was my sister from Minneapolis that is here visiting, telling me that they were going to go to the Ice Caves. I told them to go ahead and go without us. Then I realized it was nice out, a good 65 degrees, the sun was shining, and Payton was already up and ready to go out and do stuff. So we drove our little butts out to the ice caves. It was a pretty drive and the hike was fine. I just don't recommend strollers...but it wasn't too bad. Madyson slept pretty much the entire hike and Payton had to sit on the stroller my sister was pushing, but she did walk a little. It was pretty when we reached the Ice "caves". The caves were no longer...they had been avalanched over, so really alls you could see were glaciers at the base of the mountain.

There are 4 Ice Caves / Avalanches at the base of the mountain. This picture doesn't really show how BIG it really was. But they were HUGE. I was pretty far away

On the way back down...

Not everyone was able to go on the day we went. So it was just both of my sisters, their kids, and Jen's husband Brian.

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