Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend off for Mike

Mike works a lot and so we don't have a lot of weekends together. So when he isn't working we try and go out and do stuff. Today (actually yesterday) ended up being a REALLY nice day, so we took our time getting ready and let Payton play outside in the morning. Once we were ready we went to Edmonds Beach and Payton played at the playground, and we walked out to the water and found shells, seaweed (payton thought were snakes), and Mike showed Payton how to skip rocks on the water. We went to the mall and Mike and I both got some workout shoes, and Payton got a toy from the Disney store and we also got a Wii game. We came home and Barbequed some steaks, grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes, and I made a big salad. Payton then played "lets dance" (the game we bought) on the Wii. She LOVES it. Totally gets into it. Her favorite song was Hot N' Cold to dance to. It was cute! I then made some cookies for dessert.

On our way to the beach

Beautiful Day

Looking for some good rocks to skip

the girls and I

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