Thursday, April 8, 2010

and my backtracking continues..sorry!

We try to go to Seattle every Christmas Eve and we were actually able to make it there since there weren't inches of snow on the ground. We went to Seattle Center and rode the monorail over to Westlake Center, did a little shopping, Rode on the carousal (sp?) and then walked down to Pikes Place Market.
Santa came and surprised Payton with a table and chairs along with a new doll and a highchair. Alls I can remember her saying was "oh my gosh". Kinda funny! He also left her a letter asking her to go potty on the potty chair...still NOTHIN

We then headed to my parents house for the day to open gifts and spend time with family.

At my mom's work, she has a yearly Christmas party with all the kids.

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