Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's about time!!

It's been FOREVER so I will pick up with where I left off....


Payton LOVED going trick or treating. Probably her favorite holiday other than Christmas. She loves candy and anything that involves getting it. This year she was Dorothy. She has obsessed with the Wizard of Oz for awhile so it was only fitting. She even reminded me that she has to have red slippers.

So Halloween landed on a saturday and I ended up having school the whole day and Mike had to work. So Payton went to my parents and my sister watched her and got her ready for the trick or treating festivities. I got home from school to wait for Mike to get home from work so we could run to my parents and take Payton out around their neighborhood. Mike walks out of the bedroom with a HUGE Wheaties costume. I died laughing, because I totally didn't think that he would even decide to dress up. I was dressed as a Tiger or I guess a stripped cat..haha. I got to dress up at school and didn't go to the extremes as Mike.

Her cousins ended up dressing like the Wizard of Oz characters too. I had no idea!

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