Saturday, April 26, 2008

Woodland Park Zoo

It was such a nice day today and since Mike didn't have to work we decided we would go to the zoo. Payton didn't really know what to think, but she did kind of get scared a little bit with some of the animals. It was a fun day and we all had a good time.Mike was trying to show Payton a monkey that was in the trees. It was so cute! She was actually interested and was looking for the little guy and got excited when she actually was able to see him.

These guys were huge and fun to watch. All of a sudden they got up really quick and walked out of the little den area they were in. I thought it was a good picture.

So Payton is obsessed with this doll. So the baby had to come with us too. A few times a gave some people a little scare. She had dropped it and here I am rolling it over with the stroller and people around are getting freaked out saying "YOUR BABY" if it were real! It gave us a few laughs!

So cute isn't it? Payton was trying to sprint and almost biffed it a few times. She just started this hand holding business. I think it is adorable.


Suzie said...

YAY for the ZoOoOo!!!! Can i come next time?? sniff you're right probably not.
Well, HI!!!
Love you guys lots!!

Kahana said...

So cute!! I love this picture. Its adorable. So i went and looked through all my posts to see where it was your commented and its not there :( Weird right? But now i have you on mine :D