Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home from the hospital and family arrivals

We got home from the hospital on the March 10th. It just happened to be the day that Sherry and Jimmy were flying in. We hadn't seen Sherry (mike's mom) in almost 4 1/2 years and had never met Jimmy, and it was Payton's first time meeting both. It was great to have them here and visit. They kept Payton busy and I think the transition for her and having a baby in the house easier. Suzie (mike's sister) was also able to fly in. It was fun catching up with everyone.

Mike took them to Seattle and a few of the "fun" places people like to go when they visit here.

I seem to be the picture taker in the family because Mike never seems to take pictures of anything, so there aren't many pictures of their visit except the ones I stole from Sherry.

Madyson and I

Sherry and Madyson

Payton and Sherry making cookies

Suzie and Payton brushin'

Suzie and Madyson

Payton playing at the park

Mike and I at Red Robin

Payton and Suzie loved making faces at eachother

Big sister kisses


Payton and her "build a bear" that Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Jimmy help her make. It's name is "Princess". Madyson also had one made, but I can't find the picture :(

Mike and Payton at the Seattle Center

At the park swinging. It was FREEZING

Grandpa Jimmy and the girls

Daddy and his girls

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