Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day

The weather here has been getting nicer and nicer, and we have been able to spend more time outside and keep our windows open. It was a really nice Mother's Day and we spent it with all of my family. My sister and her family were able to make it from Minneaplolis and spend Mother's Day with us as well. We haven't all been together for a few years, so of course we had to take a family picture. Dinner was yummy. We marinated a turkey and BBQ'd it. We have never done it like that before but it turned out good, so it may end up happening every year.

Mike and Payton cooked me breakfast that morning and I kinda had a lazy day. As lazy as I could with an 8 week old baby. But it was nice that I didn't have to do everything I normally do.

From Left to Right: Lauren, Madyson, Grandma, Hailee, Kaitlyn, Samantha, Grandpa, Lilly, Emma, Payton, Madelyn and Cole.

All the family and wives, husbands, and grandkids all together.

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